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Animal Health Information System (AHIS) is designed and implemented to solicit, obtain, compile and manage data on animal health & disease and on factors that influence the health status of animals and animal population. The AHIS is to provide information to stakeholders to take action for the maintenance of animal and public health, control and eradication of disease, well-being of animals, profitability of animal industries and animal owners, and for the National and global good. In AHIS, the information comes from the livestock service centres in Balochistan like CVH/CVDs, artificial insemination centres (AI), Disease investigation laboratories (D.I. Labs), semen production units (SPU), poultry farms, Dairy/cattle farms, beef research centre and sheep farms. Data of Diseases will help in surveillance of diseases in the province. The AHIS provides monitoring system for early warning and decision-making. Livestock farmers and other stakeholder can access AHIS data on livestock website.

The main objectives of Animal Health Information System:

  • Providing comprehensive and authenticated information to decision makers on animal health and diseases, control measures.
  • Sharing of information within Balochistan province and between provinces (early warning system).
  • Monitoring disease occurrence and control and eradication programs.
  • Estimating vaccination coverage, providing information required to meet international disease reporting needs.
  • Supporting declarations of disease frees status for trading purposes.
  • Identifying unusual disease events or emerging diseases.
  • Highlighting shortfalls/gaps in livestock services.