Livestock & Dairy Development Department


Muhammad Tayyab Lehri - Secretary


The Livestock Sector, is not only a mainstay of our economy, but is also a way of life for many of our people and an essential part of our culture and tradition. Animal Health Information System is being launched with the keen participation of higher-ups and dignitaries, which speaks that if we disseminate departmental information in useful way, we can boost livestock sector that can provide employment and good income to our people. I believe that this is possible and the Government of Balochistan is obliged to make this happen by allocating sufficient public development resources for uplifting of this sector and encourage private sector for its involvement. I would like to thank all those who have helped to launch Animal Health Information System. The Information System is going to provide platform where the private sector, farmers, NGOs, academics, government organizations and national and international experts and investors can look and inform together about livestock related issues and the way forward. This is the first time that such a deep and comprehensive consultative process has been undertaken in Balochistan Livestock Sector, so, the quality of outputs will surely reflect the hard work. I am glad to express that the present provincial leadership is determined to achieve “Prosperity in Balochistan through Livestock Development”. Last, but not the least, I would like to congratulate entire team of this effort.