Livestock & Dairy Development Department




Livestock Department caters to the requirements of livestock sector in the province. Livestock Is Increasingly becoming a very Important sector of national economy, contributing even more than all the other agricultural crops combined Livestock Department caters to the requirements of livestock sector in the province. Livestock is increasingly becoming a very important sector of national economy, contributing even more than all the other agricultural crops combined. Livestock Department strives to ensure growth and development of livestock sector in the province thus contributing to national food security, economic uplift, rural development, poverty alleviation, employment generation and foreign exchange earnings. Role and objectives of the Livestock Department are manifest in its following mission statement. Livestock and Dairy Development Department (Research Wing) mission is to have healthy and productive animals in order to ensure a wealthy nation. Livestock & Dairy Development Department (Research Wing) is determined to evolve strategies for sustainable development and improvement of the livestock sector leading to poverty alleviation through food and social security and to develop appropriate technologies and more focused research on applied problems related to Livestock. Conservation, management and development of indigenous resources to meet the quality protein requirements of the masses. Provide safe and quality products at competitive prices. To make province a Livestock-hub for meeting the indigenous demands and to compete for the global markets.

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Director General



The Directorate of Research and Supplies was established in 1987 and has multi-dimensional scope. The ultimate aim was to lay a strong foundation for a healthy human society. The directorate is consistently trying to improve cattle, sheep, goat, and poultry industries through scientific management & planning. In the year 2019, the Directorate of Research & Supplies was upgraded to the Directorate General of Research & Supplies.


  1. To increase the productivity of livestock through the intervention of modern research technologies, husbandry, health and management practices for getting maximum return
  2. Provision of veterinary training in animal breeding & genetics, nutrition, and livestock management
  3. Experimentation and propagation of indigenous sheep breed through selective breeding
  4. Involvement of women in Livestock rearing activities as trained para-veterinary staff
  5. Development of sheep, goat, dairy and poultry industry by using scientific technique
  6. Poverty elevation through distribution of backyard poultry birds on subsidized rates
  7. Preservation of pure sheep breeds present in Balochistan province
  8. Research in various disciplines of livestock health and production
  9. Empowerment of women through rural poultry development


Director General (Research & Supplies) 0819213144
Superintendent, Beef Production research Centre, Sibi 08339230261 03337738383
Superintendent, Government Dairy Farm Dera Bugti 0835410080 0336-8495939
Superintendent, Government Dairy Farm (Kech) Turbat 0852411529 0321-8982126
Superintendent, Government Dairy Farm, Kharan 0333-9993348 0333-9993348
Superintendent, Government Poultry Farm, Kharan 0332-7470617 0332-7470617
Superintendent, Research Centre, Dairy Development Farm, Lasbella Nil 0333-7987974
Superintendent, Research Centre, Dairy Development Farm, Awaran Nil 0332-7824848
Superintendent, Government Poultry Farm, Kalat 0844-210841 0333-2817176
Superintendent, Government Poultry Farm, (Kech) Turbat 0852413536 0333-7993045
Superintendent, Government Poultry Farm, Dera Bugti 0835410339 0333-7857991
Superintendent, Government Poultry Farm, Ziarat Nil 0333-7764944
Deputy Director, Rural Poultry Development, Quetta 0819213151 03337816544
Superintendent, Karakul Sheep Breeding Farm, Maslakh 0819213140 Nil
Superintendent, Multi-Purpose Sheep Research Station, Yetabad 0334-2448052 Nil
Wool Research Officer, Wool Research Laboratory, Mastung> 0843895470 03337825859
Bacteriologist, Veterinary Research Institute, Quetta 0819213158 0334-2554821
Virologist, Veterinary Research Institute, Quetta 0819213143 03448005337
Deputy Director (Dairy) 0819213130 03347717070
Deputy Director (Poultry) 0819213130 03317734975